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Kromatic Media wvu creative writing a creative powerhouse offering a wide range of media services to several major cities in the region. Artistic integrity meets a rigorous work ethic. Click any heading below to check out samples. Kromatic Media crafts words and ideas that connect with your audience.

I’ve worked nearly a decade in radio production telling those stories, along with producing podcasts and other audio material for a number of clients. If a picture is worth a thousands words, 30 frames per second speak volumes. The reaction since then has been equally overwhelming. The show is now at over 160,000 listens with an ever-growing audience. The project centers around the disappearance and beheading of two WVU freshmen girls in 1970. The bizarre case is tailor-made for a true crime retelling, with dozens of baffling twists and turns. Over the course of 8-episodes, Kromatic Media recounts the search for their killer, which is ongoing.

Over the course of this project, we have interviewed lawyers, reporters, photojournalists, forensics specialists, and many others. Our dedication to crafting the story with music from Morgantown artists has shown the depth of talent residing here in the city. We hope you enjoy the story, which we’ve aimed to make as complex, interesting and culturally relevant as anything put out by national outlets. Episode 1The epic story of West Virginia’s most notorious murders begins here. Organized gambling, a rash of unsolved murders, and an assassination attempt are making the residents of Morgantown uneasy.