Topics for a history research paper

Click topics for a history research paper the arrows below to explore the timeline. Source for the share of the U. Excluded non-white people from eligibility to naturalize. The Naturalization Act of 1795 extended the residency requirement to five years.

In 1798, this was extended to 14 years, then back to five in 1802. The Alien Friends Act authorized the president to imprison or deport any alien who was deemed dangerous to the U. This act was the first to authorize deportation for immigrants. It expired two years after it was enacted. World War II, and today a modified version permits the president to detain, relocate or deport alien enemies during war. To address labor shortages due to the Civil War, this act made contracts for immigrant labor formed abroad enforceable by U.

It also created a commissioner of immigration, appointed by the president to serve under the secretary of state. Amends naturalization requirements to extend eligibility to individuals of African nativity or descent. Prohibited the immigration of criminals and made bringing to the U. It is the nation’s first restrictive immigration statute.