Solving equations problems

Solving Equations What is an Equation? An equation says that two things are equal. You might like solving equations problems practice solving some animated equations.

More Than One Solution There can be more than one solution. Is it true for all values of θ? How to Solve an Equation There is no “one perfect way” to solve all equations. Like a Puzzle In fact, solving an equation is just like solving a puzzle.

And the more “tricks” and techniques you learn the better you will get. Special Equations There are special ways of solving some types of equations. Check Your Solutions You should always check that your “solution” really is a solution. Solving” only gives us possible solutions, they need to be checked! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase Word problems?

For some, it’s a chance to solve a real-world example, so there’s a level of excitement and sense of wonder. For others, it’s groaning, and frustration on where to even begin. Well, in this lesson we’re going to make Solving Linear Equation Word Problems manageable with easy to follow tricks and steps. We already know how to solve all different types of equations. And we also know how to translate algebraic expressions and equations. Now it’s time to bring both of these together.

But, what about the tricks and steps? Yes, there are some easy to follow steps that we are going to use to solve linear word problems. Read the problem carefully and determine what is being asked. Using different colors, symbols and diagrams and write an equation the relates all the information given. Now, these steps might not seem all that remarkable, but once you see them in action I guarantee that writing equations from word problems and solving them will become like second nature! Again, the secret to success is your Sidebar. This is where you will write down all the information you’ve gleaned from the problem, and formulate a solution by writing an equation to model the situation, as Khan Academy accurately states.