Room assignments

As the westernmost institution in the UNC system, Western Carolina University room assignments educational opportunities to residents of the state’s western region and attracts students from around the globe to explore the area’s vast resources. At Western Carolina University, we view our admissions process as our opportunity to build the community that defines our institution. We look for people eager to explore and ready to redefine success.

Programs and courses at Western Carolina are designed to provide hands-on, applied experience. Students engage with communities across the region as they practice their profession in real-world environments. Western Carolina’s unique mountain location helps fuel a vibrant campus community with more than 170 student clubs and organizations as well as a busy performing arts calendar and the campus’s own adventure guide service. Western Carolina is home to 16 Southern Conference athletic teams with more than 375 student athlete competitors. WCU strives to inspire student-athletes to compete like champions on the field and in the classroom. Western Carolina was founded to serve the region it calls home, and that has not changed.

WCU continues to focus on regional development initiatives, engaged service and community programs. It also partners with alumni and donors to ensure access to higher education for deserving students in the region and beyond. We know that making room assignments that benefit each student is one of the most critical steps to ensure that your time living on our campus is enjoyable and productive. Be sure to complete all the form fields – the more we know about you, the better match we will make for you in your room assignment.

Preferred Room Type: Select private or double. You can click on the red X button to remove the building choice. If you have a specific person you would like to room with both of you MUST select each other. Click on the green plus button to add a roommate preference. You can click on the red X button to remove your choice. If you have not chosen a specific roommate complete the Roommate Matching Questions.

Click Next Step, then Finish, and then OK. Changes to Room or Roommate  Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, room selections may not work out. Given room availability, residents have the option of changing rooms or buildings starting the second week of each semester. Residents who are considering changing rooms are asked to contact the building Resident Director, Graduate Community Coordinator or Assistant Director for Residence Life for more information and assistance. Please note that students who are housed in Scott or Walker halls are only permitted to make room changes within and between these two halls. Room changes are dependent upon room availability. Single of Double Occupancy Room Double rooms that are occupied by one person are not to be treated as private rooms.

Residents can only occupy one half of the room and should be prepared for another student to be assigned to the room at any time. Double rooms occupied by a single person will be inspected regularly and residents will be fined if they are found to be occupying the entire room. Copyright by Western Carolina University Cullowhee, NC 828. Room Assignments Students receive their room assignment through different processes depending whether they are a new student or continuing resident. Continuing Students – Continuing students apply for housing for the next academic year during the spring semester. Detailed information about the application and room selection process, including important dates and deadlines is sent to every student via their Rowan University email account.

Transfer students should begin to monitor their Rowan email account for information about this process once they have completed their application. Freshmen – New freshmen should apply for housing as soon as possible after submitting their admissions deposit, but are strongly encouraged to apply by May 1st. Freshmen will have the opportunity to self-match with another incoming freshman and additional information about freshman room selection will be available soon and details will be sent to the student’s Rowan University email account. Failure to submit documentation in a timely manner may limit the ability of the University to reserve housing space meeting their needs. E-Mail Communications Policy  All communications regarding the housing assignments and room selection process will be sent to the student’s Rowan University e-mail address. It is the student’s responsibility to check this e-mail account regularly.

Students are responsible for messages sent to this account including meeting deadlines and taking actions they are expected to take related to their housing. For issues or comments regarding this site please contact University Web Services. Assignments are made according to the original date of completed application and non-refundable application fee. Can I change my housing requests? Yes, you may make changes by putting your changes in writing, and sending them to Housing and Residence Life. If my roommate and I do not get along, can I change rooms? There are no moves for the first two weeks of the semester.

Before moves can be made, we must verify the vacancies from people who fail to notify us they will not be needing housing. Once this is done, you may put in a request to your hall staff if you wish to move to a different room or residence hall. How will I know my housing request will be honored? The staff in Housing and Residence Life will notify you if your request can or cannot be honored.