Operant conditioning essay

Operant conditioning theory has been developed by Operant conditioning essay psychologist B. The basis of operant conditioning is Reinforcement.

In operant conditioning a response occurs spontaneously in the absence of any stimulation with which it may be specifically correlated. While classically conditioned reflex may have zero strength in the beginning respondent behaviour is internal and personal. The whole behaviour is the result of operant conditioning. In every field of life, reinforcement brings changes.

When any behaviour is reinforced there is more opportunity of repetition of that behaviour. Respondent behaviour is known as S-R type behaviour. Operant behaviour is not evoked by any known stimuli or cause. Whistling, movement in the class while teaching, jumping the chalk is the examples of operant behaviour these activities occur without any reason. In such behaviour response occurs before than stimulus.

It is the consequence of behaviour that is quite fundamental in operant conditioning. If the behaviour is followed by pleasant consequences it will lead to its repetition and maintenance. In other words a behaviour must get due reinforcement for its proper conditioning or learning. In case if we want that particular behaviour should not occur, we may do well by ignoring it i. Any stimulus that strengthens behaviour is considered as a rein force there are two types of reinforces.