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Ben Rhodes, Obama staffer, Feb 2013. Mfa creative writing canada York City, New York, U.

With Jake Sullivan, he is the co-chair of National Security Action, which promotes progressive foreign policy as an alternative to the Trump administration’s approach. In 2018, Random House published The World as It Is, a New York Times bestseller and revelatory behind-the-scenes account of Barack Obama’s presidency. During the Obama administration, Rhodes led the secret negotiations with Cuba that resulted in the December 17, 2014 announcement by President Obama and Raúl Castro that the two countries would normalize relations. Rhodes traveled to Canada and the Vatican for talks with Cuba about a prisoner exchange that led to the release of Alan Gross and a U. Rhodes was featured in the HBO documentary The Final Year, along with John Kerry, Samantha Power and Susan Rice. The documentary portrays the events of Obama’s final year in office, with a focus on his foreign policy team. Rhodes was born in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan He is the son of an Episcopalian father from Texas and a Jewish mother from New York.

In the summer of 1997, Rhodes volunteered with the Rudy Giuliani mayoral campaign. In the summer of 2001, he worked on the New York City Council campaign of Diana Reyna. In 2007, Rhodes began working as a speechwriter for the 2008 Obama presidential campaign. Rhodes wrote Obama’s 2009 Cairo speech “A New Beginning”. Rhodes was instrumental in the conversations that led to Obama reestablishing the United States’ diplomatic relations with Cuba, which had been cut off since 1961. After leaving the Obama administration, Rhodes began working as a commentator.