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Please forward this error screen to 129. THE CORE RULES OF NETIQUETTE The Core Rules of Netiquette are excerpted from the book Netiquette by Virginia Journalism assignments. Click on each rule for elaboration.

UT Austin Canvas Learning Management System Need Help? 7 help is available to all UT Canvas users. Once you’re logged in, use the ? We helped pioneer the showcasing of  corporate, philanthropic and other special events on the web using digital cameras for image capture and web publication for global display. Please read my “about” section then have a look around my site as numerous samples are displayed.

The grayscale is provided below for quick monitor adjustment. This site is heavy on graphics so a high speed connection is advised. Please click on the icon below to visit that area of the site that interests you. Happy 2017 Peace be with you! Thank you to all  who have visited CFLP.

You don’t need the latest-greatest camera, computer, or software to create your coolest images. 4 Cool Photo Folios by CFLP ! They contain lots of “cool” original images and a ton of imagination! They make great gifts for anyone even you.

And Blurb can ship to 70 countries. 17: Candid street shooting can yield wonderful images. The above image was captured during a parade, on a cold day, with a Kodak DCS 620 digital camera fitted with a 80-200mm f2. Photoshop software along with a lot of imagination thrown in. I would suggest using the “omni” light. And you should make several duplicates of the original image so that different areas can be lit with the omni spotlight.

Then using layers and the eraser tool you can combine all the images into a final image. 16: The above image was created using the software GIMP which can be downloaded for free. I tried the “Polar Coordinates” filter to see how it compared to that same filter in Photoshop. Wowsomewhat similar but each produces its own unique look. First I ran the basic digital photo through GIMP and then took that output and “Flip-Flopped” it in Photoshop. Finally I added a couple of “finishing” touches to the background to create the image above. Einstein would have approved this equation.

16: Wow, I finally tried out a very cool software program called GIMP. I know its been out for a while but I have been to lazy to try it. The above image started as a simple capture of a window in a museum. Even if you have Photoshop you might consider getting this software too. 16: Believe it or not this image started off as a simple shot of an office building. It was flip-flopped then run through the “polar process.