Is homework necessary essay

Is Homework Necessary, or Is It Just A Waste Of Time? Get on the table this instant! This is just an average day of my life with my parents when I have to finish my homework. Homework is just hours and hours of late nights that ruin your social life is homework necessary essay sporting activity.

Weather kids go to public, private or religious schools everyone has the same frustrations. How much homework are we doing? Parents are spending too much time dropping their own after work activities just because they have to help or monitor with their children’s homework. This is tiring and stressful for both parent and child. Creative play and imagination are vital for a child’s development.

Children need time to relax in the same way adults do when they come home from a hard day’s work. Isn’t it important for children to have a good time, express their own free will and be independent. Children quickly become distressed when they feel they can’t do their homework and feel that they have failed when they cannot complete it in the given time. Teachers and children are under extraordinary pressure to achieve, hence the excessive homework. But good grades have nothing to do with the individual creative development of the child.

Kids are having to stop their extracurricular activities to study in their room and memorising fact after fact. Most children come home from school mentally exhausted, tired and hungry. Plea Bargaining Is It Really Necessary? If you said good, then you’re weird. Essay on Is School Really Necessary? Rieman April 7, 2010 Is School really necessary?

You go to school, and you work. You come home and you work some more. Homework continues to be a controversial topic. The Gay Blood Ban: Is It Really Necessary?