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Questions To Ask When Thinking About Pursuing a Ph. The decision to attend graduate school to get a Ph. 2-4 years in postdoctoral homework survey before beginning their professional career.

Research shows that up to half of the students who begin doctoral study never receive the Ph. One culprit in attrition is a poor match. Doctoral study may be a poor choice in the first place, or there may be a poor fit between the student and the program. Doctoral work is usually an exciting and positive experience. Most students would earn their Ph. Most report being pushed and challenged, and growing personally and intellectually in positive directions. The questions that follow stem in large measure from the advice of thousands of doctoral students who were asked to give advice to new students.

When you ask questions, be prepared to hear things you do not want to know! Remember, no person or place is perfect. But take heed of the warnings that you get. Ask your current faculty or other faculty you know. To investigate particular programs there are a lot of steps to take. It is very, very helpful to visit the campus and department and develop your own opinions.

While you are there, talk to faculty and staff at those programs. Talk to students who are enrolled there. Visit classes and labs if you can. For many people, it is uncomfortable to ask probing questions. It can seem like you are skeptical and untrusting. It can feel aggressive and inappropriate.

When talking with faculty, remember that they have very little spare time. Most faculty members do not respond to email messages that seem to be sent to many people. Dear Professor X, I am interested in being your advisee. Ask a question of them or one of their students at a conference. Determine if you have common intellectual interests before you contact them. Below are forty one questions that you should ask before you select a doctoral program.