Hedge fund business plan

Intro This was the running argument between Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt in 1983. Dennis believed successful trading could hedge fund business plan taught. Eckhardt, his friend and fellow trader, believed traders were born with an inherent set of skills and natural instincts that proved profitable in the pits.

To settle this conundrum, they devised an experiment. Richard Dennis recruited 23 diverse individuals from various walks of life. Their careers ranged from Chicago doormen and retired Air Force pilots to corporate middle managers. After a simple, two-week training program, he turned them loose to trade his personal money. This group of assorted characters weren’t all Wharton grads or financial whizzes. But each person had one thing very important thing in common: they followed a simple set of rules to guide them to becoming multimillionaire traders in a very short time. Just as Richard Dennis proved 34 years ago, we believe traders aren’t born.

No person, institution, or entity, including the Apiary Investment Fund, can guarantee a return on investment for such transactions. Neither the Apiary Investment Fund nor its representatives will recommend the purchase, sale, or transaction advice for a specific security. Printed in the United States of America. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Apiary Investment Fund. But not everyone has the money to leverage and, potentially even more significantly, if it is your money you stand to harm yourself and your family by risking it.

Sometimes it’s all about leveraging others’ money. You know the best way to build equity? And to be honest, I had no idea what equity even meant at the time. The best way to build equity is with other people’s money. You can own all the games you want, but with other people’s money. Then again, I was already doing that with his money, or my allowance.

I wasn’t about to say that to my father, but his point was a simple one that finally hit home for me about 10 years later. Apparently, I was a slow learner. But it left a lasting impression that I rely on to this day. I could make money using other people’s money.

One of the simplest forms of leveraging money in this way is through compound interest. What many fail to understand is that if you begin investing early enough, your money will actually work for you due to the value of compounding returns. 800 THOUSAND DOLLARS at the retirement age. The vast majority of the earnings are actually coming from what the investment already paid out to him. 500K down the road to earn interest from that he never had to put up himself. Look at residential real estate, for example.

In short, you used someone else’s money to create a return. Leveraging occurs when a buyer is able to purchase property using a fraction of his own resources, while a lender contributes the remainder of the purchase price. 250K and generate the same monthly cash flow with a fraction of the investment. Crowdfunding is a great example, too.