Critical thinking study guide

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What resources did the participants in the Milgram and Stanford University prison experiments who resisted hurting their subjects have that the other participants probably did not? When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, hundreds of people died who might otherwise have been saved. This is due to what critical thinking error? Why did the Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki believe that we must have a “beginner’s mind”?

Who said “Someone is happy, when his plans are going well and his more important aspirations are being fulfilled? Who wrote that a law that degrades humans is unjust and as such must be opposed? College professor Stephen Satris maintains that the cognitive development stage known as “relativism” -viz. The War of 1812 is an example of failed military strategy, i. Which of the following is a way emotion can help us reason better? A human being has two conversations through a computer screen.

One conversation is with another human. A computer is asked to perform a series of mathematical calculations. Which of the following is a problem with fideism? Critical rationalists maintain which of the following? Which of the following is a component of reason?

Which of the following is true according to evolutionary theory? Human beings are part of a divinely instituted order among beings. Which of the following is true of dreams? Gender stereotypes can be harmful for which of the following reasons? Which of the following allowed Temple Grandin to design more humane means of slaughtering cattle ? Liberal feminists hold which of the following positions? Which of the following is supposed to be demonstrated by the Taoist analogy between the relationship between ice and water and the relationship between reason and emotion?

One criticism rationalism is that not all people have direct knowledge of the existence of God. Which of the following is a response critical rationalists have offered to this criticism? Which of the following is true about our ability to reason? Which of the following best defines emotional intelligence ? Which of the following is true ? Which of the following is NOT one of the five “proofs” of God asserted by Thomas Aquinas?

Which of the following are part of reasoning? What are the characteristics of an empathetic person? According to Nel Noddings, which of the following is referred to as positive critical thinking? Identify a true statement about critical thinking rationalism? Science can prove that the world exists? Your Study Guides and Strategies starts here!