Criminology research proposal

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Why do we need a criminal justice system? The basic formation of the criminal justice system comprises of law enforcement, courts and correction. However, the pivotal role of the Criminal Justice System is to deter and investigate crime. A criminal justice system is the backbone to the law and order of a society. The criminal justice system implemented decades ago to control the lower classes of society.

Throughout the years, this system had improved to accommodate different classes, those of different status or groups of society. This implementation extends equality across all the society. The criminal justice system is a crucial part of our society and we know that comprehensive, effective, and nondiscriminatory implementation of criminal justice system powers is essential to ending violence, both for freeing individual and for ending the worldwide epidemic of violence against one another in this human race. The first is instrumental or utilitarian: the state responds to crime to secure benefits to the wider society such as crime prevention and crime reduction. The public knows that the police cannot prevent every crime, nor apprehend every criminal. Thus, the society needs criminal justices system to protect, to deter and to prevent crime.

The criminal justice system is a system that requires management by different organisations accordingly. This system consists of the police, courts and corrections. The criminal justice system is designed for a coherent administrative system for offenders. Without the threat of a punishment for wrong doing, the crime level in a society would be high.

This threat that comprises of a functioning criminal justice system is a healthy threat as it brings about social order. In the present era, our criminal justice system seems to be focusing on education for the public regarding crime and rehabilitation of offenders. This method is implemented to deter offenders or prevent crime from spreading. The development in the criminal justice system. Reference 1: Note: Data for 2004-05 were not available for all services.

SOURCE: Australian Institute of Criminology 2006. Expenditure on justice by Australian governments. From the data above, we can see how the criminal justice system has changed to meet and prioritise needs in different areas. This proves that the system is no longer re-active but pro-active by preventing crime through education to the community before a misdemeanour occurs. Education also serves the purpose of informing the citizens of a standard or code in the society of what is acceptable and what is not in their community. The health expenditure that comes second of all the other sectors seems to indicate that there is a high need for health services for people who comes in contact with the criminal justice system. Issues such as intoxication and suicide are no longer looked at solely as a crime where offenders are arrested and put through the magistrate court the very next day but as an illness of an individual that requires medical attention.

Another area that is addressed in the chart is community services. These services are access by both victims and offenders of crime before, during and after going through the criminal justice system. These services include health, housing, financial services, legal, education, etc. The community services are a crucial arm of the criminal justice system. The system has seen to the recent change in form of punishments from prison terms to parole, community services and probations. These sentences seem to benefit the community and the offenders. This method has also reduced the cost of crime that has taken its toll on society.