Capstone project proposal

Need help right now or on nights and weekends? Capstone project proposal research needs will determine which database or resource you should use. The tabs to the left will provide suggestions for selecting, and tips for searching, specific databases.

Article databases lists the most useful databases to find articles about procurement. Industry databases: Industry reports provide supply chain and economic data. Explores today’s most popular social networks, gaming applications, and messaging applications. Examines technologies, social implications, and information structure. Focuses on logic, databases, networked delivery, identity, access, privacy, ecommerce, organization, and retrieval.

Explores the social construction of gender in relation to the history and contemporary development of information technologies. Considers the importance of diversity and difference in the design and construction of innovative information technology solutions. Challenges prevailing viewpoints about who can and does work in the information technology field. Students will gain hands-on experience through computing labs. Prerequisite: Either a minimum grade of 2.

5 in MATH 098, a minimum grade of 3. 0 in MATH 103, a score of 151-169 on the MPT-GS placement test, or score of 145-153 on the MPT-AS placement test. Introduces a variety of Informatics and Information Science topics to pre-Informatics and non-Informatics students. Information as an object of study, including theories, concepts, and principles of information, information seeking, cognitive processing, knowledge representation and restructuring, and their relationships to physical and intellectual access to information. Development of information systems for storage, organization, and retrieval.

Experience in the application of theories, concepts, and principles. Introduces fundamental tools and technologies necessary to transform data into knowledge. Covers the full information lifecycle, including the collection, storage, analysis and visualization of data. Core competencies underlying this process, including functional programming, use of databases, data wrangling, version control, and command line proficiency, are acquired through real-world data-driven challenges. Our world is rife with misinformation. Introduction to the research methods used in informatics for understanding technology, information, and human behavior. Methods incorporate those from design, engineering, and social science.