Assignment in eternity

Like the Biblical Saul, she was a thorn in assignment in eternity flesh of Christian faithful, wreaking havoc on ministers of God and the church. As if that was not bad enough, she also attacked individuals and public institutions.

Her mandate was to obliterate the Christendom and ruin lives. Living up to her billing as a senior officer of the kingdom of darkness, until she was arrested by the superior power of God, Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo went about her assignment, doing evil to all manner of men. Armed with weapons of satanic warfare, she never rested on her oars as she crisscrossed the labyrinths of the universe, albeit, in the spirit realm, to accomplish her mission. 990 Years Demonic Life Experience Of Evangelist Funmilayo. Narrating her story to Sunday Sun newspaper, Evangelist Adebayo stated that just as Saul who later became Apostle Paul, was arrested by Jesus on his way to Damascus, to attack the church of God, she encountered God during one of her evil escapades and willingly submitted.

Since then, nothing gives the Ekiti-born end-time preacher that runs a ministry known as Rapture Proclaimed Evangelical Christian Church of God, in Lagos, joy than serving the Almighty God. Other Series Of 990 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness. 990 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness 1st Series. 990 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness 2nd Series. 990 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness 3rd Series. 990 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness 4th Series. 990 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness 5th Series.

I was a high-ranking officer in the kingdom of darkness for years and wreaked a lot of havoc on churches and institutions, but when I got converted, I became a colossus in evangelism and soul winning, preaching the gospel of Christ. Since I gave my life to Christ, I have remained in the vanguard of church growth and Christian development. The importance of the message of the fear of God, holiness and salvation to mankind cannot be over emphasized. Reason is that God is the creator of heaven and earth and He created us to worship and serve Him. He is a jealous God and doesn’t want man to worship any other god. He doesn’t want to share His glory with any man.