Strategy & Vision

Pattaya Dental Excellence’s strategy is to be the Thailand’s preferred dental clinic of choice for local residents, expatriates and tourists. Pattaya Dental Excellence has invested substantially in our clinical resources as well as services that are oriented for international dental patients. Our patients trust in the quality and the credentials of Pattaya Dental Excellence’s clinical team and they are a key enabler of our success.

We believe that quality dental care and communication is an essential component of gaining trust and confidence from our patients. That is why Pattaya Dental Excellence has invested in the ability to provide patient coordination and treatment plans in key foreign languages. Pattaya Dental Excellence’s international patient coordination team is able to assist patients during the pre-visit and post-visit stages of their dental treatment in Thailand.

Our vision is to go beyond what patients expect in meeting their dental care needs and to be the market leader in our areas of specialization for basic and cosmetic dental treatments.

Approach to Quality

Quality is at the forefront of all aspects of Pattaya Dental Excellence. Pattaya Dental Excellence follows the quality dental guidelines established by the Joint Commission for International Health Organizations (JCIHO). In addition, the clinic complies with all standards set by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) regarding sterilization techniques. Pattaya Dental Excellence believes that these two agencies are the current benchmark regarding quality management for international dental clinics and hospitals.

The importance of quality stretches beyond just the clinical guidelines used for patient care. We emphasize quality in the experience and credentials of our entire international dental team. Our dental assistants and patient coordinators have clinical training and experience, and are a valuable extension to the dental care that is provided in the examining room.

Pattaya Dental Excellence also ensures that all materials used are FDA approved and we hold our partner laboratories to the same level of dental quality standards that are used inside the clinic.

Patients choose Pattaya Dental Excellence because of our 360 degree commitment to Quality in all aspects of patient care, materials and customer service.


Pattaya Dental Excellence uses the latest technology and equipment in the provision of dental care. Our goal is to provide a higher level of personalized care and innovation than is available in most hospital settings as well as other clinics. Our technology enables us to provide precise diagnoses, minimize complications and yield the highest quality outcomes. Our patient outcomes and success rates demonstrate our true commitment to quality.

Dental Excellence Blog

Our blog is dedicated to patient care tips, as well as for dental professionals to share experiences and best practices. The blog is all about Dental Excellence in Thailand including the latest dental news, oral health care trends and other interesting information regarding dental care in Thailand.

At the moment we are enhancing the blog section of our website. Please check back in the near future to use this exciting and new feature of the Pattaya Dental Excellence website.

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